Healthcare Interim Leadership Solutions

If your healthcare organization needs a leader immediately, contact us today. It’s what we do best, so you can continue to do what you do best – without interruption.

With one phone call, you’ll benefit from LeaderStat’s extensive network of talented and accomplished interim managers and interim C-Suite executives. We quickly fill your vacant leadership positions, ensuring a seamless transition while providing ample time to locate the ideal permanent candidate.

We have particularly deep capabilities in providing interim leadership for nursing homes, senior living communities, CCRCs and home health and hospice organizations.

“LeaderStat has been my best experience by far with interim leadership in my 10-year career.” 

Interim Healthcare Management

Ready to go

Our interim healthcare managers bring the expertise to drive essential financial and clinical systems so your organization continues to function at its optimal level. Our long-term care managers understand regulatory compliance, quality programs and reimbursement rules. This means your organization maintains continuity and stability when you need it most.

Our interims include:

  • Administrators
  • Executive Directors
  • Quality Assurance Directors
  • Directors of Nursing
  • Assistant Directors of Nursing
  • MDS Coordinators
  • Unit Managers/RN Supervisors
  • And more!


“By far the best clinician in my experience. Her follow through helped keep the center in clinical compliance and also moved us forward with improved clinical outcomes.”

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Interim Healthcare C-Suite Executives

Uninterrupted executive leadership

When a significant executive transition requires thoughtful, transformative leadership, our executive-level interims make all the difference. Our interim healthcare C-Suite executives bring many years of operational expertise to instill confidence and drive your organization forward. They provide stability, lead your team toward common goals, and manage your strategic plan.

When a change in a key leadership position occurs, many organizations step back and reflect on the best path forward. Frequently, it is a time to reassess the strategic plan and refocus critical goals and objectives. This recalibration and search process takes time to do right. During this transition, our experienced interim C-Suite executives take the reins and provide stability so you can concentrate on your search for permanent executive leadership.

And, we do more than just keep the operation steady. Our proven C-Suite executives offer insightful guidance and expertise so your organization functions at peak performance levels. LeaderStat’s C-Suite executives provide strength and focus so you continue to grow during your transition.

Our C-Suite interims include:

  • Presidents / Chief Executive Officers
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Chief Operations Officers
  • Chief Clinical Officers
  • Vice Presidents
  • Executive Directors
  • And more!

“She raised us from a two-star to a five-star and addressed our financial difficulties. We were about to have our bonds called. We are now in the best shape in years.”

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