Marketing and Census Development

Proven strategies generate positive results

In every senior care organization, a strong sales and marketing program is critical to building and maintaining census. At LeaderStat, our consultants are experts at helping post-acute and senior living organizations increase referrals, optimize census and build market share. We work side-by-side with your sales and marketing team to develop and implement custom programs and tools that align with your goals and support your strategic vision.

Our marketing and census development services include:

  • Sales team evaluation and training
  • One-on-one coaching and mentoring
  • Marketing systems and processes
  • Strategic sales and marketing plans
  • Market position and competitor analysis
  • First impressions audits and customer service programs

Hospital Liaison development and support

Looking to improve your center’s flow of referrals and admissions from the acute care systems in the market? LeaderStat can help you develop and implement the systems, processes, tools and training materials needed for an effective Hospital Liaison Program. We provide in-depth, on-site education and one-on-one field training for your hospital liaison. After we kick off the initial training program, our consultant provides ongoing support through coaching and monitoring their progress in growing your quality census mix.

Mystery shopping

One less than satisfactory customer experience can impact your facility’s image and reputation. Through phone calls, on-site visits and stakeholder interviews, we can assess your organization’s customer service and engagement. Our expertly trained mystery shoppers will reach out to your center, just like a prospective family or resident would, and evaluate your responsiveness, customer service and follow-up.

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