Clinical Reimbursement

Improve accuracy. Get the revenue you are entitled to receive.

MDS is the key driver for Medicare payment and many Medicaid reimbursement systems. A small adjustment in your case mix score can mean a significant increase in revenue that you’re entitled to. Our consultants will work with you to assess your organization’s performance and identify opportunities to enhance both financial and clinical outcomes by:

  • Ensuring accurate MDS assessments
  • Making sure reimbursement rates correctly reflect patient acuity levels
  • Enabling backup documentation to support your RUG scores

We provide the training, tools and support you need to put your reimbursement worries to rest, such as:

  • Offsite and on-site support and training for MDS 3.0 and RUG IV
  • Case mix and reimbursement review
  • Evaluation of documentation systems to measure compliance
  • Benchmarking tools and quality measurement analysis
  • Operational support for IDT process, staffing ratio, and other clinical processes

Please contact us to begin improving your reimbursement rates.